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Efficient forestry 
- with respect for the environment

There are several good reasons to choose us when it comes to trees.

  • Concerning the ones in the forest that we are going to look
    after and care for which will optimise your forest management. 
  • And the ones which we deliver to you which will refine
    the good material from nature.

In other words, Silvamax A/S is both purchase and sale of wood and
forest related products. We also have a special focus area with energy
wood especially for district heating plants. Find out more by clicking
Energy wood in the menu.

Our basis is professional competence. Our team consists of forest and
landscape engineers as well as graduates in forestry, and as a team we
represent years of experience and the latest knowledge at the highest level.
Read more about this under the item Organisation.

We are specialists in optimisation of operation and sale of high quality
decorative greenery and Christmas trees. And we adapt our services to
your property. Because just like in nature; no two properties are the same.
Therefore, we also have various collaboration models depending on local
conditions - and the owner’s wishes, of course.

At Silvamax high level professional competence goes hand in hand with
healthy principles. Thus, you can recognise us on our ethics and moral.
And for us it is all about the balance between efficient operation and long-term environmental concerns. About the respect for co-operation between people,
animals and plants.

Welcome to Silvamax A/S.

Silvamax A/S operating and trading company 
- and we have five competence areas

  • Counselling to forest owners and investors
  • Production and sale of Christmas trees
    and decorative greenery
  • Purchase and export of raw wood
    to the international market
  • Supplier of energy wood
  • Supplier of plants for Christmas tree
    production and forests

Energy wood - the reason you should choose Silvamax
Is energy wood just energy wood? Click here and read
what you should focus on when choosing a supplier.
Volume is one thing, quality is another. And supply security.
We would like to elaborate on that.
Competence is both experience and new knowledge
Working with natural products requires insight and intuition.
That comes from experience and knowledge gathering.
Click here and read more about the team behind
Silvamax A/S, and what we attach great importance
in the collaboration with our customers.
At Silvamax Christmas is just around
the corner all year round

Christmas trees and decorative greenery are our speciality.
Read more about how we can optimise your production of
the green gold right here. Did you know that Silvamax
typically produces with profits over 80%?


Silvamax as . Teglgaardsparken 106 . 5500 Middelfart . Denmark . Telephone +45 64 21 22 90 . info@silvamax.com