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Sale of Christmas trees
and decorative greenery

Are you looking for a secure supplier of Christmas trees or decorative greenery
- or both - then Silvamax is the sensible choice. Partly because you get the goods
you have ordered on time, and partly because we guarantee that the product is
grown with respect for the environment. Thereby we ensure trade which gives you
security in all aspects.

We deliver Christmas trees in all grades. From standard to premium. Because
remember - some customers and markets want one price level and quality, while
others prefer the best because the end user wants the same. That way Silvamax
covers all customer requests.



Did you know, that Silvamax is Denmark’s largest supplier
of decorative greenery .. And is a recognised supplier for
florist shops in Denmark and abroad. Because we deliver
the requested quality at the agreed time. 

How to ensure quality and profit on decorative greenery
- here are five things which characterise our care:

  • Intensive care of the vegetation
  • Accessible culture for harvest machines
  • Correct thinning-out
  • Strict quality requirements
  • Well-educated supervisors

How to optimise the production of Christmas trees

  • Critical selection of production areas
    and plant material
  • Due care of plantation
  • Large focus on price developments in all parts
    of the production - from seed to finished tree
  • Diversity in the product portfolio ensures wide
    market potential


Silvamax as . Teglgaardsparken 106 . 5500 Middelfart . Denmark . Telephone +45 64 21 22 90 . info@silvamax.com