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Energy wood

- a fast growing market

The market for wood chips is growing considerably. Especially for use in district
heating plants. The increasing focus on environment dictates that the plants will
change from fossil fuels to more environmentally friendly fuels.

When delivering energy wood to the district heating plants especially three things
are important:
  • The price
  • Quality
  • Supply security

Silvamax is the link between the producer on one side and the district heating
plants on the other. As a producer you should choose Silvamax A/S because we
combine the deliveries to the individual plants and thus we get a good settling price.
Naturally this price will benefit you as a producer. In return we expect our quality
requirements to be met.

It is our goal that Silvamax must be the producers’ preferred choice when selling
energy wood. This is created through good and safe distribution to our customers.
Thereby the foundation for long-lasting collaboration is created. 

Energy wood for district heating plants

If you are in charge of purchasing at a district heating plant then Silvamax A/S
is your guarantee for supply security, and our products live up to the norms and
requirements described in the Danish standards.

Silvamax A/S has a vast net of subsuppliers who can deliver in varied amounts.
Thus Silvamax A/S can deliver substantial amounts. And always on time.

We are very aware that our products must live up to the technical and physical
demands which are necessary in order to ensure the best use of product and boilers.

Why should you produce fast-growing willow trees

If you want to be a producer for the growing energy wood market we recommend producing fast-growing willow trees. There are several good reasons for that.
First of all, fast-growing willow trees are, as the name suggests, fast-growing
and are ready for harvest after 3 years. Furthermore, fast-growing willow trees
are characterised by its large content of dry matter – and that is the interesting
thing for the district heating plants.


Good news for farmers and forest owners
Wood chips are no longer a by-product from the forest. In
the future it should be viewed as a main product. And fast-
growing willow trees can easily compete with traditional crops.
Let Silvamax help you produce fast-growing willow trees

We reduce your total production costs.
And increase your profit.

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